From the MCDS3 Administrative Station Phone
(The Black or Tan Phone with the "BOGEN" Logo")

1) Go Off-hook

2) PRESS 9
This will pull up the Menu on the display

3) PRESS 5
This will select the SETUP Menu

4) PRESS Your four digit Password.
Here you will be prompted for your Password

5) PRESS *
To confirm your password

6) You are now in the Setup Menu

7) PRESS 1
To enter the Day/Time Menu

8) PRESS 2
To enter the Time Menu

9) PRESS the current time
Enter the time as a four digit number; e.g. 0810 for 8:10 am
Use the 24 hour format; e.g. 1310 for 1:10 pm

10) PRESS *
To Confirm

11) Hang up

NOTE: It may take up to 90 seconds for the MCDS3 to display the correct time.